The KRPG Team is working with Large Rural Title (LRT) landowners to secure Conservation Covenants within the Kuranda Region.  Please take a moment to read the INFO SHEET from Department of Environment and Heritage Protection for a brief overview of how the program works for landowners.

Our local priorities are:

  1. Priority Mapped Areas on private land titles
    1. Planned revegetation of infill areas for minor habitat linkages, with priority given to waterways and catchments (gullies)
    2. Endangered species habitat on private land, eg. Kuranda Tree Frog, Cassowary corridor
  2. Landowners with quality rainforest regrowth ready to map
  3. Landowners with revegetation projects for future mapping

The below criteria have been used in the Wet Tropics to guide investment in conservation outcomes:

  • Size of land parcel: Weighted in favour of large intact parcels. Eg. 50 -100ha and over 100ha.
  • Connection to National Park or Nature Refuge. Weighted in favour of level of connection and proximity. I.e. high weighting if adjoining; low rating if separated by extensive areas of cleared and developed land.
  • Corridor function. Weighted in terms of the corridor function of the property or suite of properties.
  • Habitat condition: Weighted in favour of intact naturally functioning ecosystems (minimum disturbance).
  • Recovery costs. Weighted in terms of cost and timeline for restoration. I.e. high weighting if intact property with no work required. Low weighting if significant costs and long timeline required to rehabilitate.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss your options, please email

Many Kuranda Region large private landholdings fall on essential cassowary habitat (red below).  These ‘red patches’ form a mosaic of remaining good remnant forest, ie. cassowary habitat.  The Kuranda Region Conservation Covenant Program aims for protection of essential habitat by landowner’s in the high priority ‘red patches’.  We aim to contact landowners directly where suitable connective corridors fall on their land to discuss and negotiate possible outcomes.

There are many other well advanced forested areas that are in dire need of protection by landowners.  If you have good quality cassowary habitat forest on your land, or are interested in re-vegetation or enrichment with cassowary food plants, please contact Kuranda Conservation about their cassowary programs on (07) 4093 8834.