Kuranda Region Voluntary Conservation Agreement Program

Info Session – 19 July 2018 @ Kuranda Amphitheatre Understage

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Cathy Retter, Kuranda Envirocare, opens community session, overview, feedback forms, refreshments


Willie Brim, Buluwai Cultural Custodian | Traditional Owner | Buluwai Indigenous Corporation


> Welcome to Country.

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Jax Bergersen, Kuranda Conservation


> Keynote

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Keith Smith – Nature Refuge Officer, Department of Environment and Science

> Nature Refuge covenants in Queensland

> Australian Wildlife Conservancy – www.australianwildlife.org

> Queensland Trust for Nature – http://qtfn.org.au

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Lisa Gale – Senior Natural Resource Management Officer, Department Natural Resources, Mining and Energy

> Vegetation Management Act 1999

> Voluntary Declaration (VDec)

> Category A by agreement

> VDec vs Category A by agreement


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Inga Kamps – Natural Resource Management Officer, Department Natural Resources, Mining and Energy

> Recent Changes to Framework

> High value regrowth – 15 years (down from 29)

> Remnant 50% canopy cover, 70% height

> Early Detection System


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Scott Buchanan – CEO, Wet Tropics Management Authority

> Wet Tropics World Heritage Area 900,000 hectares

> National Park protection

> 30 year anniversary of World Heritage listing www.wettropics.gov.au

> World Heritage is community responsibility. www.daintreeblockade.com.au

> WTWHA Neighbours provide a buffer for the National Parks and refuge areas – reducing ‘edge effects’

> Black Mountain Corridor from Lamb Range to Mount Carbine

> Kuranda Tree Frog

– Evolution & Ecology of the Kuranda Treefrog : Dr Conrad Hoskin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCSGugGYk9E

– Evolution & Ecology of the Kuranda Treefrog – Question Time: Dr Conrad Hoskin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV4preamN2U

– Kuranda Tree Frog Action Plan – interview with JCU Dr Conrad Hoskin, ABC Far North, Feb 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkBW1E_BcrY

> There is a need to look at strengthening covenants

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Distinguished Professor Bill Laurance regarding Rainforest Trust application for 626ha Myola Valley http://kurandaregion.org/content/uploads/2017/11/Rainforest-Trust-Laurance-Kuranda-letter.pdf

STOP KUR-World Fundraiser July 2017 welcomes Distinguished Professor Bill Laurance www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9aruVklZJA

Queensland Council Research Map https://www.mindomo.com/mindmap/e5896f3d2910421a93f370617af29eea

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Kuranda Region
Ecological Corridor
on Freehold land
(green and pink
are protected areas)