Open Issues

Listed below are the current open issues ready for community engagement.  Each of the issues has the ‘Next Steps’ outlined so you can follow along with the progress as we move issues from ‘concerned resident’ to ‘engaged community response’ to ‘interaction with Mareeba Shire Council’.

Participating with open issues is an important way we can all help bring about positive changes for our community.  Thanks for your input!

MORE INFORMATION Herbicide Use in Kuranda Region - Spotlight on RoundUp & other glyphosate-based herbicides > Click here to open 10 page slideshow START SURVEY HERE Poison-Free Kuranda (SurveyMonkey) > Click here to open

Please read the background information below and fill in the questionnaire.  When you click the SUBMIT button your digital submission will be sent to the following agencies: Mareeba Shire Councillors Craig Crawford MP, Member

Please sign this petition to support Councillors in gaining back control to represent us on Development Application decisions. PETITION TO: Mareeba Shire Councillors We, the undersigned, petition Councillors, as our elected representatives, to take back

Petition to clean up KUR-World dam failure in Owen Creek catchment before the sediment load DESTROYS MORE endangered Kuranda Tree Frog habitat.  See video of condition of creek below. Did you know the KUR-World development

We need your help. Black Mountain Road, Kuranda desperately needs speed humps. Speeding road users include large fully loaded logging trucks, council vehicles  and a few neighbours. Speeding is not appropriate in a residential area.

The Kuranda Benefited Area 2.1 Special Rate levy was recently introduced in the MSC 2015/16 rates budget for the Kuranda region only. This levy represents a fee for benefiting from the Kuranda Tourism brand

There are around 60 different crops grown in the Barron River catchment area.According to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority corn on its own has 1415 products registered to be used. After heavy rain