DATE: 22 JUNE 2017



If there is one way of pulling a community together it would have to be the looming threat of a development “tsunami”.

On Sat 3rd June the proponents of the “tsunami” (the Kur world development) had their “Open Day” for curious and interested onlookers. This Open Day was advertised to afford the community members the opportunity to view the current development on site and ask questions of this proposal of the developers.

This, from the feedback, was not what eventuated as the representatives of the developer were adept at dodging questions and gave very few answers.

Meanwhile, members of our local Community got together to have “their say” and very visually put up on display their disapproval of this proposed development. (See photo).

The outcome of this proposed development is drawing local community members into close contact with each other. Many are now communicating amongst local neighbours and friends who up until now they had not known. The unity of view and passion of the Kuranda residents, as they become aware of the power of speculative monopoly money moving in on them, attempting to erase local community values, properties and lifestyles, has been a potent force in unity.

Our community is now recognising the implications of this proposed development, and will stand in the defence of what our local community appreciates and values. They are certainly now seeing the possible BIG picture of what could happen to our small community.

This community’s raised voices must be heard. Our democracy will NOT be SOLD OFF !

For more information please contact Cheryl Tonkin