OPEN ISSUE: Kuranda Benefited Area 2 – Small accommodation operators

  • The Kuranda Benefited Area 2.1 Special Rate levy was recently introduced in the MSC 2015/16 rates budget for the Kuranda region only.
  • This levy represents a fee for benefiting from the Kuranda Tourism brand and marketing efforts.
  • If you want to advertise your property with Kuranda Tourism, there is an extra fee attached.
  • This levy is targeted at residential property owners who advertise short term rental on digital media eg AIRBNB.
  • The rate is calculated according to the property valuation and per room number of property.

This issue was covered at the recent Mareeba Shire Council BBQ in Kuranda 5 October 2016 – watch video right.

The BBQ event was a great opportunity for those interested in this issue to get it out in the open and create more awareness for our community members who are interested in offering accommodation in their homes.

What do you think about this issue?

These changes to our rates and the introduction of this NEW LEVY were made without consultation with the Kuranda community.


  • There are no benefits in this levy to residential property owners.
  • Kuranda community are unpaid tourism ambassadors sharing their time, energy and care with inbound ‘independent tourists’ to promote our region
  • Kuranda community involved in accommodation already refer tourists to local businesses and services – this levy penalises owners who bring business to the village.
  • Most owners have a niche market and don’t want mass market exposure.
  • Most owners operate on a part time basis as a hobby, not full time.  Some short term, will trial for a few months and decide no longer interested. Some only long enough to pay bills like their rates.
  • This new sharing economy is a movement that represents a significant part of Kuranda’s future economic growth.
  • Council discriminate by not charging some operators in the shire also some are renters using the platform and others can’t be found as property address is hidden.
  • Some properties may never get a booking & will be forced to pay levy regardless. Only winner is council.


Property values below are a guide. Mareeba Shire Council rates notice lists your property value.
Levy Rate is from the document: MSC Budget Volume 2 – 1 July 2016 – 30 June 2017 (pg 20-1)

#rooms Levy Rate  $200,000  $400,000
One (1) self-contained unit/independent bedroom 0.00104  $208.00  $416.00
Two (2) self-contained units/independent bedrooms 0.00207  $414.00  $828.00
Three (3) self-contained units/independent bedrooms 0.0031  $620.00  $1,240.00
Four (4) or more self-contained units/independent bedrooms 0.00414  $828.00  $1,656.00