growers gathering to share their collective experiential knowledge

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‘friends of the farmers’

reconnecting to the good people who grow our food

how often do we take a moment to appreciate the people out there, who are in the elements, through the seasons, growing our food…

this website is designed to co-create community with you around the food we eat, where it comes from, and the effects on our soils and waterways, biodiversity and health.

it is a way to link you with the hard-working people of the land, whose responsibility it is to nourish the soil to produce nutritious food…

to support our farmers to take the steps to regenerative agriculture, with easy access methodologies and experienced local service providers

and to protect our farming families and their food-growing land and the wider environment, into the future…

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easing into ways

that build long-term resilience

new, tho also many generations of wisdom,
revitalising the soils….

link here to some inspiring examples

methods such as inter-cropping to screen predators and encourage pollinators

feedback and commentary from 2018 convergence

from the fnq community exchange system (fnq lets trading) report through cairns permaculture newsletter We are still the most active Community Exchange group in Australia Admin Report Hello! Bel attended an inspiring Regen Ag event at Petals at Tolga recently. She was invited to talk about the Community Exchange System

information on gmo’s more links on those pages to much more information...

local knowledge and experience matters

making the decisions that will benefit the generations to come…

large-scale on-farm organic compost can be created from on-farm surplus on already cleared land

protecting and planting for our pollinators

what can we do on our land
to encourage a healthy haven for pollinators

we have unwittingly, over time, created large-scale disruption to our pollinator colonies

through native forest clearing, pesticides and other chemicals,

and forgetting our intricate connection to the smallest and the largest cycles,

and the interconnection of all things,

of which we, too, are a part…

there are easy ways to create bee and other pollinator sanctuaries on our land

that have the added bonus of assisting our crops and produce to thrive…

find out more here…