Dear Mayor, Councillors and cced to CEO Peter Franks, MSC planners, Kuranda Region Planning Group and EDO NQ,

Sent: 18 September 2016

Extension of the Development application for the Fantin Road Property, Koah ( REC/07/0091).

I ask you to oppose the extension of the development application for the property along Fantin Road ( REC/07/0091). I  support the recent emails sent to you by Kuranda Region Planning Group and Nadine O’Brien and would like to add the following points:

Rich in Biodiversity

This property is bordered by State Forest, (a Protected Area) at the top of its slopes and by the Clohesy river at the its lower end. It is a steeply sloping property in the main with poor agricultural value.

However it has many different ecosystems from dry bush to rainforest fringing the Clohesy. Therefore this property is rich in biodiversity especially birds- see koahwildlife bird species album

In two years, nearly 100 species of bird have been photographed in Koah and the majority of these have been photographed along Fantin road. Many more have been sighted. Bird watchers, walkers and cyclists frequent this road and enjoy the quiet, the wildlife and the natural surroundings.

The property also has good stands of the federally endangered broad leafed tea tree. This is a tree that has a limited range and so is vulnerable to extinction. If the subdivision were to proceed as an extension, it would be subject to less rigorous assessment and  less specific conditions that if the developer would be required to reapply. Therefore it is likely that more trees ( mapped as remnant vegetation) would be cleared and the habitat for many wildlife species destroyed.

No Requirement for All Weather Access Bridges in Original Approval
The original approval  was given  10 years ago in 2007. It has been renewed three times already. This development approval did not specify that the wash- outs along Fantin Road and  that Groves Creek at the beginning of Fantin Road would be required to be made all weather proof. A bitumen road is specified but the type of crossing across the creeks and wash- outs is not.

If the development approval  is extended and the subdivision goes ahead, it is possible that council- and ultimately ratepayers- will pick up the considerable cost of this work. Alternatively Fantin Road will remain isolated in times of heavy rain.

It seems unwise to further develop along this road in these conditions. Emergency access is limited at times of flooding. Pat Murnane, the caretaker of the property, used to be often left isolated in the Wet. The Blue Care nurses necessary for his day to day care were unable to access this property and One Mile Creek isolated him from any access by foot further down the road. He was left injured on his floor in basic conditions for five days at one time before help arrived. (He lived  in a run down corrugated camp without running water or electricity. There are no other facilities on the property)

Therefore I ask you to refuse any extension to this development application. I would be very interested to hear what your opinion is and what happens in the council meeting. If you would like to ring to discuss any of this and /or visit Fantin Road before the meeting, I would be very happy to talk to you to explain matters further.

Sarah Isaacs
Koah 4881