PETITION: Gain back the right for our elected Councillors to represent us

Please sign this petition to support Councillors in gaining back control to represent us on Development Application decisions.

PETITION TO: Mareeba Shire Councillors

We, the undersigned, petition Councillors, as our elected representatives, to take back management oversight of the development application assessment and approval process by withdrawing the delegation to the CEO which was enacted on 21 June 2017.

The recent approval of the Development Application, on the property where the proposed Kur World  development may be built, highlights an issue which may be happening across the State.

The MSC unelected CEO Peter Franks was given authority to review and approve code assessable DA’s  under a delegated authority. That included MCU /17/0012 on the old Barnwell block, for a Nature based tourism business.

Councillors expected to be a part of the decision process and request conditions. They were upset to find that they had no rights because they had delegated them away to the unelected CEO in June this year. Councillors would have been able to include conditions on advice from the community had they not delegated it away. Please sign our petition to support them in their attempt to regain this decision making from the unelected CEO.

DA’s and the Planning scheme form the structure of our community lifestyle, outlining what can be done where and for what purpose. This supports us with the community lifestyle we have chosen to be a part of. Please sign to give Councillors the ability to influence these decisions based on their knowledge and our community input. As we have just seen on the old Barnwell block, without Councillors taking this delegation back,  we get approvals without community input about conditions.



The petition was handed to Tom Gilmore on behalf of signatories.  Electronic copy sent to

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