OPEN ISSUE – Speed humps on Black Mountain Rd

We need your help. Black Mountain Road, Kuranda desperately needs speed humps.
Speeding road users include large fully loaded logging trucks, council vehicles  and a few neighbours.
Speeding is not appropriate in a residential area.
Residential roads must be safe for all users – including residents, workers and wildlife.

  • Citizen safety
  • Community concerns
  • Noise pollution
  • Wildlife harm minimisation (cassowary corridor, regular cassowary sightings, and many other birds and mammals)

We can’t expect the police to monitor this road 24/7.  The installation of speed humps is a solution.
  Any other solutions to address this issue?

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Mareeba Shire Council BBQ Kuranda – 5 October 2016
Published on 11 Oct 2016 – video notes below

  • Black mountain road speed humps
  • June road survey
  • 80% of vehicles travelling over speed limit
  • Highest speed recorded 95km/h in residential area
  • Endangered species cassowaries and tree kangaroos
  • Concern for residents walking dogs, children walking, wildlife on roads
  • Contacted MSC who replied that it was a police issue – not a council issue
  • No white lines on road section
  • Trucks doing 80km/h on residential road
  • Tom Gilmore says it’s a police matter. Talks about 300mm speed humps in Speewah and how they’re too high. Will be speaking with police about traffic management after event.
  • What size do we need on Black Mountain road to slow trucks down?
  • MSC vehicles speed on Black Mountain road too.
  • Company vehicles that speed on the road: FJF trucks, MSC branded vehicles, contractor vehicles of MSC, HQ Plantations trucks
  • Council vehicles have satellite tracking and Tom Gilmore will check council vehicles speed as recorded by community member.