Would the KUR-World project, if approved, bring prosperity to the Kuranda region with increased levels of employment? A closer look at the reality of this proposal may make you doubt this would happen.

Despite Project Manager Mark Lawson promising 545 jobs during construction and 600 jobs during operation in the recent Kuranda community meeting, he admits he’s not sure at this stage what the project would comprise if it goes ahead. No explanation has been given of how these numbers have been reached, leaving the more cynical to conclude they may have been plucked out of the air.

If the mega resort and satellite suburb were to go ahead, would tourists bypass Kuranda village and head straight to KUR-World? If so, how many jobs would be lost and how many shops and tourism businesses close?

There is also another possible scenario, if we look at previous, similar projects, such as Port Hinchinbrook. This, just like KUR-World, promised a resort. The end result was just residential blocks.

If this were to happen and an extra one to two thousand residents added to the Kuranda region in the next few years, what would happen to the Kuranda Range? Would travelling to Cairns for work still be a feasible option?

Even if funding were allocated to upgrade the Kuranda Range Road, which is politically highly unlikely, delays would still be likely to occur for decades during the upgrade.

So what’s happening now? Are locals getting rich at this stage of the project? How many Kuranda region residents are currently employed on the project? We’ve asked the media liaison contact for KUR-World, Geraldine McGuire and will update you on this when we get her reply.