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KRPG KUR-World-Have your Say Data Extract 9 May 2017 (PDF)

Resident Mt Haren         08-05-17              

Good Afternoon,

Assuming the Coordinator General and his staff and the Mareeba Shire Councilors are familiar with the FNQ Regional Plan 2009 to 2031,  how can they give any consideration whatsoever  to the Kur-World project when it is in direct contravention of the guiding parameters of that Plan ?.

I quote directly from only 3 parts of that Plan, as many others have already raised other pertinent points which the Kur-World Project appears to be failing to meet.

The points I wish to raise are


The FNQ Regulatory Provisions restrict the following in the RLRPA:

  • further fragmentation of land holdings
  • urban development, except within specific urban zonings
  • residential development associated with tourist accommodation
  • expansion of rural residential development.


* Tourist development that  incorporates a permanent residential component may be undertaken only within the urban footprint.    ( Kur-World land has a  Rural footprint. )

* Integrated resorts that incorporate a permanent residential component within the resort complex are not considered consistent with the landscape values of the regional landscape and rural production area. These would undermine the intent of the preferred settlement pattern for the region.


The proposed urban development at Myola could not be accommodated by the existing Kuranda Range Road and the cost of upgrading the Kuranda Range Road between Cairns and the northern Tablelands is unaffordable in the short to medium term, in a regional and state-wide context. ( DMR identified a four-lane surface route with extensive bridging as the best solution )

Whilst the Myola Urban development referred to above,  is not the Kur-World project, the steadily rising vehicle movements on the range,  due to population increases in the Koah, Speewah, Mareeba  and the Tableland’s regions, not forgetting the steady  increase seen since the sealing of the inland Cooktown route,  has already put  significant pressure on the range road and the addition of the projected numbers from the Kur-World development would push vehicle movements far beyond the projected numbers deemed as not acceptable in the Original Myola Plan.  From my recollection this was the largest factor for the Myola Urban development not proceeding at that time.

What’s changed since then ?.  Certainly not the Kuranda range and I know as I have driven  up and down it 6 days out of 7 for the past 10 years.

What is the Point in having a Plan  if it may  be completely disregarded by both Government bodies and Local Councils ?.

Resident Mt Haren 06-05-17

We happened to see Geraldine McGuire on Queensland Weekender yesterday. Her property in Malanda looks to be idyllic – very much like many of those in Kuranda. Hats off to Geraldine – she has fingers in that many pies, I don’t know when she has time to sleep! Having said that, she looked very relaxed and happy, but then I guess that Geraldine is not worried about Kurworld buggering up Malanda is she?

When last I wrote with concerns about the Warril Drive access to Barnwell, Geraldine kindly wrote to allay my fears. She assured me that it is and will only ever be, an ’emergency access.’ Why then is the gate permanently propped open and vehicles,( including a low loader carrying heavy machinery last week), using it???

Resident Mt Haren         02-05-17              

Another Kur World (Great Barrier Reef!!!) brochure in the mail today. Don’t miss A Current Affair tonight!

Resident Mt Haren         16-04-17

Alarm bells are well and truly ringing now. After many years of ‘nothing happening’ in Warril Drive, we saw the power lines replaced with extra lines run between poles. We then acquired a white line down the middle of the road from one end to the other. This week, a slab has been laid for what looks to be a  new water substation. WHY??? Warril Drive is looking more and more likely as the planned access to the Barnwell property (at no cost to Kurworld) and why would we suddenly need extra power/water capability? Coincidence? – NOT!

Resident Barron Falls     22-02-17

I fail to see any benefits to the LOCAL Kuranda Communities by plonking a completely divorced “Satellite City” such as what is proposed and mainly for the benefit of outsiders in our midst.

Short versions as there are so many….

ENVIRONMENTAL concerns from local all the way to the Great Barrier Reef. There is already evidence of this.

INFRASTRUCTURE needs to support this Grandious Idea will be extensive and who is going to be responsible for these costs. Ratepayers..Taxpayers???

The UNFORESEEN issues that will undoubtedly arise along the way. i.e. the recent run off. Wet Season run off. The Retrospective Permit for the ‘illegal’ Dam.

CORRUPTION and/or SELF INTEREST at any or all level of the process to make this happen. Little or no interest in what is best for the Local Communities, i.e. the inappropriateness of a “Satellite City” of this size and scope FORCED upon us.

Resident Barron Falls     22-02-17

No or little benefit to locals during construction  and no benefit for locals once proposed development is in place.

Loss of habitat and possibly loss of already threatened species. Too much traffic on already overburdened roads. To many people for the environment , i.e. problems with water supply , sewerage, more domestic animals ( cats, dogs) killing wildlife, horses spreading weeds, roadkill doubled. Loss of Community feeling due to such a large increase in new population. Negative impact on tourism in Kuranda due to overpopulation and loss of rainforest environment- “ Kuranda the village where the rain forest used to be “.

Resident Koah  22-02-17

There are so many aspects to this proposal that are being challenged, and rightly so. The whole plan is very unrealistic, and the design should not have even gotten this far. How does a foreigner obtain that much land and get away proposing to assault it (and us) in such a way? The videos circulating of the shabby work already done is testament to a complete lack of respect and knowledge of FNQ ecosystems. Here are some of my chief complaints:

I bring my children to school in Myola every day, and I am deeply concerned as to how this new development, catering for thousands of visitors, will impact traffic on already unstable roads and parking spaces (all adjacent to sensitive ecosystems). Road accidents will become a tragic reality on once quiet country roads, and traffic congestion during school pick up and drop off will become like an inner city suburb. This development essentially risks hundreds of school children’s lives, who are currently blessed to go to school in a calm quiet natural environment. Parents choose to bring their children up here for this reason, and travel to this location from all over Australia because this quiet area, with a focus on nature preservation, is an ideal place to raise a family. Core family values would be destroyed by this proposed development.

Then we have the environmental impacts that will affect millions. The nature corridors that have taken almost a century to reestablish will be destroyed. There is such a commitment in this part of the country to preserve what little forest is left in Queensland, and to clear this massive parcel of land is akin to third world deforestation practices. It is up to our leaders to stand up for what is right, at a time, globally, that this support for conservation is needed most.

Under the guise of an ‘eco-resort’ this development is an insult to residents, and not supportable ecologically. There are many other places in North Queensland, that are already cleared, in which to build a mega-complex. Mr Lee – Don’t remove this substantial amount of important habitat and life-giving trees and then think that making a ‘rainforest education center’ is going to compensate – it can’t. Furthermore, the run off produced by disturbing this land will cause damage to already unstable coral reef systems.

This development is infuriating a lot of people, and going ahead with this ridiculous plan will definitely lead to upheaval and sabotage by many committed locals. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, perhaps if the scale is firstly massively reduced – the land and roads would not support this amount of accommodation. The way the land is cleared is of utmost importance, just as important as the what for… Kuranda and surrounding areas will not support destruction of nature corridors and important water ways in exchange for a golf course. Re-evaluate or go somewhere else Developers. This development WILL NOT happen as it is.

No to KUR-World.

Resident Kuranda            20-02-17

Negligible, Kuranda is special because of its surrounding rainforest, which has been and further will be negatively effected by the proposed development.

Added tourist numbers and pressure to wildlife, added litter, more vehicles and emissions. The wet tropics is a very delicate ecosystem that has already been halfed by man.

Resident Myola                                20-02-17

I do not believe the proposed KUR-World project would bring any benefits to the Kuranda region.

There would be a large number of negative impacts for the kuranda region. The size of the proposal is not in keeping with the region, it’s size would overwhelm local infrastructure. It would adversely impact on the local environment, damaging the habitat of localised endangered animals and polluting local waterways. It would dangerously increase traffic on the Kuranda range which is already overcrowded for a accident prone stretch of road, a road that has on numerous occasions been closed for several hours due to accidents which causes huge delays and transport nightmares for those wishing to get home. The attraction of the Kuranda region is its natural environment something I believe this proposed ‘Eco resort’ would ultimately erode. I do not believe it would bring any real benefit in terms of local job generation as a project this big would be put to tender and larger national companies would win such competitions. This project will only financially benefit the developer, it’s outside investors and a few large contractors… It will not benefit the local community nor the environment they propose to plonk it in.

Resident Myola                                20-02-17              

….  it could be argued that anything in the Kur-world proposal is a fabrication to obtain state government approval .Its all about say what they want to hear ,obtain approval and the land becomes worth 10’s millions ,then resubmit the plans and build whatever gives the best return on investment, at the same time, receive every largesse from the government .This disguised residential housing plan is completely at odds with the regional plan and, as previous studies examining the Myola plan show, likely to cause far more problems than they are worth But money talks and the china man seems to have plenty to influence the process Australia for sale, time to trash the wet tropics ?

Resident Kuranda            15-02-17

I think minimal. Profits for the owner perhaps if the subdivisions go ahead. A few non permanent jobs.

First and foremost environment damage the likes of which Kuranda has not seen since first European settlement.

Loss of endangered and critically endangered species.

Damage to waterways.

Increased stress on infrastruure and services.

Higher rates

I believe that the proponent has been dishonest and sought to deceive the local community and get around community concern. I believe the MSC has not been responsible in overseeing this project and holding the proponent accountable for illegal activities including land clearing – regardless of whether MSC has ultimate reonsibility. I also believe MSC has not explained to ratepayers just how much this project will affect their future rates. I believe the State government has been missing in action on this project because they don’t want to be seen to be  “anti – development “  especially with a State government ahead. However not ALL development is sustainable and it should be most especially held to the highest level of scrutiny given the incredibly important natural values.

I am also very disappointed to not hear our Federal politicians call for the proponent to address his responsibilities as a landowner in the Wet Tropics World Heritage area.

Resident Speewah          15-02-17

Habitat destruction

Road congestion and safety issues

Inadequate infrastructure

Environmental degradation

Loss of social capital

Disempowerment of the community

Contributes to the destruction of environmental and social wellbeing.

Further erosion of viable rural lands that should be kept in productive use

Fear of what will be lost

Distrust that there will be any lasting value to the local community, and lack of evidence that it will benfit anyone apart from the developers

Resident Mt Haren         15-02-17

To Australian Government Members and apparent authorities,

we are sensitive caring humans being threatened by the heavy machinery this day in Barnwell property site. We have expressed our deep concern that this development  in our lands,waterways and air , is not healthy for our earth  or the sacred country which we as relative traditional owners, care very much for protection.

It is quite clear to us that your Government has no care for the environmental damage to our Great Barrier Reef and the immediate waterways creeks and sacred Barron River all being polluted and irreversible damage taking place as we write this morning.

We stand as one with other local residents , against this forcible environmental domestic violence, which you are allowing.

The outrageous greed of developers from other countries is not what we need in North Queensland. Yet you have this planned for many years , with all the main players not even being voted for in the last election.

Our commitment to protecting our mother earth for our children’s children’s world heritage clean air clean water clean life is needed now more than ever. Our obligation to our ancient traditional caretakers is to ask you to stop this madness , of overdeveloping our sacred lands, stop the violent developing of areas we hold sacred in their natural form . Mother earth people are caretakers and share the rights to express protection from the greed of careless injury .

We request you stop allowing this perversion of our natural heritage, and listen bina ngunda-l to the local residents who recognise the facts that your removal of so many trees has damaged the environment  we need all trees replanted.

All these years of oppressing our civil rights and screwing up the Djabuganydji language is because your Governments are racist ,

We demand you stop this savage violent attack on our world heritage future for our life on earth.

You are not doing this for the money you can always print yourself some more, this is because of damage control by foreign interests including those  who have savaged this country under the name of Aboriginal organisations.

Hear the local concerns bina ngunda-l , see the value in preserving world heritage in an environment already overheating too far from obsessions with energy control.

Show us you care for the earth and her first peoples.

Stop this rude behaviours and reduce the environmental impacts on our natural flora and fauna and our local humans being . Since everyone living here loves the nature and does not want to see this type of disease causing massive destruction occurring in our country. Look at the large pools of water sitting beside Caravonica School now, since someone so hell bent on developing created  a place for much troubles to breed  by shifting ground to overdevelop the environment. How dare anyone create a demolition site and  name it something remotely close to our unique Kuranda Village in the rain forest.

We need to encourage the local language and name things accordingly by keeping the local true language alive in the conscious awareness of all humans for health and safety.

Stop this development now the damages incurred are beyond measure to human health and well being

Resident Kuranda            05-02-17              

Detrimental environmental damage, noise pollution, sewerage issues, damage to sensitive rainforest, negative growth for kuranda with business going direct to kurworld. Sketchy and vague at best, issues glossed over.  Illegal clearing of land ignored by councils. Not needed. Should be maintained as a protected rainforest region.

Resident Fairylands        03-02-17

> Environmental damage to flora & fauna & waterways.

> Damage to the village culture.

> Overwhelming demands on local infrastructure – water, roads etc.

> Damage to indigenous cultural heritage.

As I live next to water treatment plant, I am aware that increased demand will impact on me directly.    The environment & culture of the community cannot sustain further urbanisation.  Having seen the impacts over the last 40 years, I am very concerned.

Resident Barron Falls     02-02-17

Land clearing, erosion, loss of habitat, increased traffic, roadkill, dogs etc.

The rainforest is finite.  Further erosion/degradation does not benefit anyone.

Resident Kuranda            02-02-17

Habitat destruction, negative impact on the local community including gentrification, noise pollution. I was unaware of the project until concerned locals informed me.

The rainforest purchased for this project has a wildlife corridor.  Clearing was performed steadily under the guise of cattle. Unecessary & short sighted.

Resident Kuranda            02-02-17              

The rainforest should be left as it is, if anything I feel KUR-World would impact Kuranda’s village local business. KUR-World would interfere with the wildlife and vegetation. I disagree with what they want to plan for the land.

Resident Myola                27-01-17

Makes me feel sick. The financial gain is not worth it!!!

Kuranda is already developed enough. The little remaining vegetation is why people come here. Its peaceful and not overpopulated. It is home to many endemic and endangered species which we do not need to threaten any more.

The Kuranda range road and water capacity will not hold many more people.

Resident Kuranda            27-01-17

I dont see any benefits from a large scale development that overides our planning scheme, creates density housing on small blocks and takes business away from the village.

It will affect the environment and protected animals and waterways. It is too big and has density housing on small blocks. It is not an eco resort at all. It will take tourists away from the village. It is not in line with our planning scheme. It shouldn’t be allowed to go ahead.

Why is it that Developers can overide planning schemes and impact our communities like this and the community and the people who have invested to live here for a rural lifestyle are not properly considered in the decision process. I think that it should be legally challenged.

Resident Mt Haren         27-01-17

Not many – perhaps some short and long term employment benefits e.g. during constrction and operational phases but most employment is unlikely to be suitable to current Kuranda residents. It’s conceivable that there may be some ‘trickle-down’ benefits to existing local businesses, e.g. those catering to tourists, but I understand the development will have its own commercial centre so some tourist dollars may actualy be lost from current enterprises. It’s hard to imagine any other potential benefits for the current Kuranda residents, it’s economy or the environment.

Various environmental and ecological impacts e.g. flora and fauna, waterways, rainforest values, noise pollution; various social and economic impacts e.g. increased traffic on Kuranda Range road and other local roads e.g. Warril Drive, Myola Rd, and possibly Rob Veievers Dr and other roads in Kuranda village, various socio-economic impacts on existing Kuranda village and surrounding residential areas, potential unrest between existing and in-coming residents, economic impacts on current commercial enterprised in the village, probably impacts on existing property values – positive and negative depending on local context.

I’m a sustainability advocate i.e. I’m in favour of sustainable development; unfortunately though, this development proposal cannot be considered sustainable. The environmental, social and economic (‘triple-bottom-line’) impacts (described above) clearly far exceed the few triple-bottom-line benefits that may emerge, which as indicated are actually hard to identify. There may be a case for re-zoning (to semi-rural use) some of the lands around Kuranda for small-scale residential development that supports strong sustainability goals, so I’m not completely ‘anti-development’. It’s quite hard to conceive the business case for development as proposed. I’m rather synical about what will actually happen if the development gets the green light; it has all the look of a money-grab i.e. selling off the small blocks after subdivision. It’s also notable that there are quite a few residential blocks already avialable for further residential development in Kuranda.

Resident Kuranda            25-01-17


We recently bought a bit of Kuranda,consisting of about 100 acres, blessed with bordering World Heritage National Park. We initially encountered various probs with locals who were using a stretch of road 1km through our property: ‘Regular walkers’ and quadbikes and tourists camping and drunk youths and free running dogs. We had to call QP on many occasions.

We now closed the gate for the public.The change was dramatic. We now see Cass/chicks daily, also rare possums and frogs, glowing mushrooms and everything else a recovering 120 mio old rainforest can throw at you.

Our kids are in heaven…

We could subdivide/20 properties but we don’t even think about it. We love nature and, like most of you, understand that there is certain values money can’t buy.

I think we all can imagine what a 626 ha development on our doorstep would do to all of us and our children and our wildlife. We think it is time to stop all those Billionaires worldwide who expect we dance to their tunes.

‘Kur World’ is a Chinese Dragon about to destroy our world and our values.

I am certainly not racist but I firmly believe that another smiling Chinese Billionair should not have any presence at all in our little Kuranda neighbourhood.The Kuranda Community was always special and we all live here for a reason.

I believe we should get more organised, fundraising campaigns, broader Media Coverage to stop this ‘foreigner’ destroying our worlds.

As said before, we border on World Heritage; we took a day to walk through the proposed 626 ha forest and we could not detect any difference whatsoever in vegetation and wildlife.Perhaps a postgraduate from James Cook University should be employed?

Resident Barron Falls     20-10-16

I find this project to be an exciting development that will provide a future for education and employment in the Kuranda area – an area that has a disproportionate percentage of it’s population denied employment at present.

I depend upon the relevant authoriries taking all steps necessary to ensure the develop,emt is carried out in a manner respectful of the original owners, the environment and those of us who have chosen to live in this area.

Resident Speewah          11-10-16

I’ve been studying your material and that on You Tube and I want to ask why you are misleading the public?  In “KUR-World: No Way…” you said  “Until the property sale in January 2014, there was little infrastructure or interference with the natural eco values. “.  Are you seriously trying to appropriate the Barnwells into your green world view?  Have you seen the aerial photos in the You Tube clip  “KUR-World, KUR-Cow: Djabugay Bulway Yirrgay Nyakali Guluy People QC2015005, presented by Willie Brim “?  They cleared the northern part of the place to within an inch of its life!  How on earth can you say that is  “little interference “?  What do you think the Kuranda tree frog was doing back then under the benevolent custodianship of the Barnwell family?

And you said the Barnwell house was a  “heritage house “.  Well, it WAS a very old house that was on the verge of falling down.  But there was nothing special about it.   “Heritage house “ means it has Qld govt listing – did you actually check this or were you just content to imply things without knowing the facts?

And wasn’t the guy who cleared the land and did that terrible dam a local – the guy who operates Billabong?  Which we all know was built without any permits.  You are going on as though us locals all have halos but there’s one who clearly has little respect for the environment or the community – and I don’t see him on your list of Village People!

Do you actually have any faith in your facts and claims?  If so, why do you feel you have to embellish, exaggerate, and even lie to get your message across?

Please, calm down and put the case that you undoubtedly have to the public in a responsible and measured way!

Resident Barron Falls     09-10-16

Kur-world by no means, Compliments Kuranda’s existing community spirit.

It appears to be a pop up town on its own.

What’s in it for the the rainforest, the native wildlife or the village?

The developer has already showed disregard for the land, the wildlife , the law and the locals. My question to our political representatives, whom are supposed to represent the community is:

Why are you not responding to the local community’s concerns and the unapproved clearing?

Resident Kuranda            07-10-16

The KUR-World project is a land grab with the aim to convert rural zoned land to urban.

After years of consultation the FNQ Regional Plan and Mareeba Shire Planning Scheme was finalised with the Barnwell property (KUR-World site) strategically zoned rural.

It is insulting for a foreign based land speculator to have the opportunity to promise a fluffy project, which we all know will never be what is envisaged, but rather a 363 quarter acre block subdivision.

The proponent is promising massive infrastructure components such as student villas and health and well-being centre. This is complete rubbish as stated by the proponent in todays ‘Express’ newspaper. He is quoted that he is, ‘happy to forego the 3.5 star resort in favour of 50 lifestyle (urban) blocks in Stage 1’.

The fear is that the proponent will be granted approvals by the state and local governments and never deliver on the resort, equestrian centre and other fluffy parts of the project. We are guaranteed though he will carve up this sensitive land into the 363 urban blocks.

I ask that this project in its entirety be dismissed as a land grab and leave the property zoned as rural as per the wishes of the local community and town planning experts.

Resident Speewah          24-09-16              

Please do not destroy our village in the rainforest with this development. This is a rural property and there is no infra structure even possible (eg Kuranda range road!)

Resident Barron Falls     19-09-16              

I live adjacent this proposed development and was just late this afternoon walking around the edge of of my property and listening to the calls of the numerous rain forest birds settling down for the night. I then looked across to this Kur-world site and could only shake my head at the hypocrisy of calling this an eco tourism project. It’s an environmental disaster. What rainforest birds live on a golf course, or high density subdivision? The developer has the cheek to make a virtue of driving the threatened Myola tree frog population closer to extinction ,saying in some advertising blurb I read something to the effect “that it’s wonderful that this site hosts the endangered Myola frog. This proposal is all spin  and all we locals will end up with is some crumby subdivision with lots sold to overseas investors because it makes no sense for anyone intending to live here to commute to Cairns, especially when the Kuranda Range is already a pain to try and commute on. I understand it is also proposed to fill their cane toad breeding golf course  dam from the aquifer that most local properties draw their drinking water from. Well there goes our water supply too. I hope someone in authority that is supposed to protect us from this kind of environmental destruction can see beyond the glossy brochure and projected revenue from whatever gestimate some economist dreams up. We, the locals, are totally against this development and plead with those concerned to change their develop at any cost mentality.

Resident Myola                                18-09-16              

I have read the Kur-world proposal and the objections from the community and agree that the proposal is not in the best interests of the residents ,will have an enormous impact on their lifestyle and have a very detrimental impact on the environment and the unique wildlife of the region .The rural areas adjacent to the world heritage wet tropics serve to protect this  valuable resource and a development the size of that proposed is very problematic .If this development is approved I believe it will further promote a negative attitude to the Chinese people and could in the long run negatively impact on the tourism experience of people from that country. It could be said that the property was bought at a very good price as rural land and the purchaser should be thankful of his good fortune and propose a development that maintains the rural values that are recognized by the community of Kuranda ,Far North Queensland and Australia

Resident Koah  17-09-16

Do not rezone Barnwell. Fine the developer for environmental destruction caused. Make him re-vegetate the areas where he cleared native vegetation. Order him to fill in the dam that was constructed before approval was given.

The Kuranda area is rich in biodiversity and so unsuitable for development.

Barron Falls         07-09-16               The proposed kur world construction will be the destruction of kuranda. It can’t happen. It is a outrageous oversized rediculous idea for this area. The community was not informed of this plan and only told once it had apparently been approved. It IS our community and we don’t want this to be in our backyard destroying habitat and animal species! Kuranda is against this and we should have a say! We call for a community meeting where council members must attend! We will do whatever we can to stop this!

Resident Kuranda            07-09-16              

I am glad that derelect land is being used for a good development . It will bring employment opportunities during construction and upon completion. It is well situated so as not to interfere with the village. I support mr lee in this endovour and wish him well

Resident Speewah          07-09-16

I am writing as a long-term resident of Speewah concerned about the Kur-world development proposed near Kuranda. I was disappointed that none of the invited government representatives attended the  Kuranda Region Planning meeting on 11 August 2016 as this is a matter of deep concern to many of your constituents.

The lack of information forthcoming from all levels of government is disturbing so I feel I must approach you directly.

The severe negative impacts of a development of this nature and size far outweigh any economic and employment benefits for our community and our diverse and valuable environment. Some of these are:

  • The displacement of endangered species is a given with a development of this size and nature, and the damage to the delicate and unique  ecosystem will be irreversible.
  • The infrastructure cannot come close to handling the increased population and the type of activities planned. Water, sewerage and roads will need upgrading and the cost and additional damage to even more environmentally sensitive areas can be added to the tally. We will also be forced to pay for services we never wanted in the first place.
  • The argument that this proposal will increase employment is unrealistic and completely out of proportion to the damage it will wreak on the residents of Kuranda and surrounds. Are a handful of menial jobs worth the destruction of an entire community?

To become a coordinated project, an IAS must be submitted. On the Queensland State Government website< >  it states:

In making the declaration decision, the Coordinator-General must have regard to:

a pre-feasibility assessment of the project, including how it satisfies an identified need or demand.

My question is this: What need or demand was identified in this area, who identified it and why were the people who live here not consulted? Surely we know our needs best.

Kuranda is a community of talented and caring people. We are a diverse mixture of cultures, strengths, religions, backgrounds and ethnicity.  In these times of global greed, hatred and fear, we are a microcosm of what the world could be – a caring, non-judgemental and inclusive society.

I ask that you offer us the respect we deserve and listen – really listen – to our concerns. We know this area and its people best and we know what will enrich Kuranda and what will destroy it.

Please consider keeping our community, our culture and our environment intact. Once gone, it is gone forever.

Resident Kuranda            06-09-16              

We moved to Kuranda for the reasons that it holds character, tradition, culture and history. It is an alternative lifestyle, not a haven for super rich foreigners. My friends, my family, my parents, us.. We paid for houses and land and established our lives in Kuranda NOT kurworld. Don’t side swipe our way of life! Don’t destroy our village culture!

Resident Barron Falls     05-09-16

Kur-World would be devastating for the eco-system and would cause irreversible damage to what little precious rainforest we have left. Who would want this?

Our way of life and the reasons why residents choose to live in the Kuranda region, would be drastically altered. As a result the public dissatisfaction could create a negative impact socially, personally, economically and environmentally.

We need to do what we can to protect the region against exploitation.

We need to ask ourselves what feels right and what feels wrong? Is money the motivator of destruction – again? Who gains really? Why?…”

Resident Speewah          04-09-16              

This latest video of Kur-world is of concern. It appears very deceptive and fabricated. Where’s that Bungy that they are showing as Kur- World? New Zealand ? because I can tell you that it isn’t in Cairns. Amazingly wrong that they can create this video and publish it like this making out Kur- World virtually exists using other places and also include video footage of people as well as from years ago without their knowledge which was for a Kuranda promotion not a KUr-World promotion .There is also deceased in their video pinching for their fabrication which I find very upsetting and disrespectful too. It’s is so bizarre that this is able to be done and allowed. It is just so deceptive as the place they have fabricated as Kur- World doesn’t exist like that and seems to really cross the line for me. It is no wonder with published videos such as these by the Kur- World group that the real community of Kuranda is worried about this potential Kur- World venture and the plans which will if allowed alter the pristine and peaceful living which those who live here currently have.

Resident Barron Falls     04-09-16              

This is an environmental disaster. This area is a sensitive eco system that needs our protection not distruction. This proposed Kur-world/mass sub-division will be the demise of this already fragile world heritage region The blatant disregard to environmental prorection which is their main selling piont is criminal and should be brought to a permanent halt now before anymore destruction. Not to mention the laws they have already broken. I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ON ANY LEVEL.

Resident Barron Falls     01-09-16

Please do not allow Kuranda to become an over populated hindrance to the natural environment!!

Kuranda is a beautiful place to live and has so much cultural and traditional importance to the Far North Queensland region.

The proposed property should be planted out with fruiting and flowering native trees and plants to encourage the wildlife to flourish and grow.

There are rare and endangered animals that rely on the Kuranda environment to remain healthy!

Please keep Kuranda unique and beautiful!


Resident Myola                26-08-16

The residents of the Myola/Kuranda community live here for very specific reasons. Their love of the rural and natural lifestyle. To which they have every right to have and to maintain. People moving into this area invariable stay for many, many years – 10-20-30-40 years with many staying until they pass away.

The mere suggestions that ONE landholder can decimate these peoples lifestyles and their properties for ONE individuals personal financial interests is APPALLING !!!!

With so many of the residents in this area VEHEMENTLY OPPOSING this ludicurious development – democracy will prevail. Any government at any level supporting this proposal to the outright detriment of the locals will be severely held to ACCOUNT.

This development CAN NOT and WILL NOT proceed against the wishes of THIS COMMUNITY.

Resident Barron Falls     24-08-16              

Please do not be too concerned by the hysterical “I came here and sensitively altered my environment but this is going too far … ” ideologues.  Any careful reading of the output so far reveals internal inconsistency, lack of cohesion, ill informed ranting and occasional mendacious fabrication.

Resident Koah  24-08-16

This would be such a huge development to put in an environmentally sensitive valley famous for its wildlife and flora- including the iconic and endangered species such as the cassowary,  the Kuranda tree frog and the Myola Palm.

Economically this would kill the golden goose of Kuranda, which brings in so much money for our Shire, by doubling up on the existing shops and attractions. There comes a point when the word ecotourism becomes a joke and tourists see through the hype.

The necessary infrastructure is also not in place for 4000 extra people up here- not enough water, the road network would be congested, the electricity service would experience even more shortages and the internet- essential for so many businesses- overloaded. Who would pay for these large upgrades? is the proponent paying for a tunnel from Cairns to Kuranda? Or would the tourists be helicoptered in by non stop noisy flights

Despite the large amounts of money being talked about and the word Eco Resort being used, this project has the potential to bankrupt our economy and destroy our environment.

Please stop Kur- World.

Resident Barron Falls     24-08-16

Dear Queensland  leaders

I object to this development  going ahead in our Kuranda region.

It’s approval would spell  destruction to our all ready strained environment,the cost in the future for the local rate payers and environment will be huge please don’t be persuaded  by money. Think of our future generations, our environment  is precious and once it’s gone , it’s gone.

If earlier generations didn’t fight in the 70s for the rainforest in the Daintree region where would we be now. A clean environment creates life and creates future jobs. This project is not suitable for the Kuranda region.

Resident Speewah          23-08-16              

Please tell us why almost 400 houses are going to be built in such a small area of this huge parcel of land with no community consultation.  Craig Crawford you should be ashamed of yourself for not presenting something like this to our community.  How much more pressure is this going to put on the Kuranda Range.  What about the wild life that relies on the rain forest that you are allowing Ken Lee to cut down.  I don’t believe for one minute that its to restore the land back to its original grazing pastures.  The land has changed and has returned to its original state as  rain forest, we have lost too much rain forest as it is, why is the State Govt not trying to protect this and the Great Barrier Reef.  Every single creek in this area links up to the Ocean, are you going to send a sea of dirt down to the Great Barrier Reef Mr Ken Lee, certainly not showing any care factor towards the environment but you advertise an eco resort.  Please protect our Myola Frogs and our rain forest.  I am all for progress but seriously 400 new residential homes x 2 plus kids is a lot of strain on water supply, sewerage, infastructure and the environment, why would you want to move to the rain forest on a such a small block of land.  Oops thats right its all about greed on all counts.  Lining the pockets of Ken Lee.

Resident Kuranda            23-08-16

Dear Fellow Human Being.

As a resident of Kuranda I wish to convey some serious concerns in relation to the  “Kur-World “ development.

These concerns are slowly spreading throughout the community as information comes to hand. This in itself is very worrying as the project itself appears to be taking place in a very underhanded and covert fashion with no public consultation by the proposed developer Ken Lee or the Mareeba Shire Council.

As I presume you have been made aware very damaging earthworks have already been taking place for some time without approval from the Council. These earthworks  have been taking place in an effort to build a large water catchment. Subsequently these illegal earthworks have severely polluted 2 of the 5 local creeks known to provide habitat to the critically endangered Myola Frog.

The developer is touting the development as an  “Eco Tourism “ development! With all due respect does this initial behaviour appear to be respectful, caring or considerate of the very sensitive and vulnerable local environment?

I understand that Ken Lee is yet to provide an Environmental Impact Statement… I ask that this development be halted immediately to prevent further irreparable damage.

My primary concerns relate to what appears to be a combination of blatant disregard of local laws, flora, fauna and community members and obvious dishonesty regarding stated intentions.

I share numerous additional concerns relating to the Kur-World  development with increasing numbers of community members. Following are some of those concerns:


300 dwellings on 600sqm blocks!

This would effectively double the current Kuranda population.

Such a large increase of population is well beyond what the local infrastructure can cope with in terms of Water provision, sewage and local amenities.

In terms of pollution, it is widely known that urban stormwater runoff is damaging to sensitive ecological areas also. Needless to say, the Kur-World development stormwater runoff poses as a huge threat to surrounding habitats as well!


The surrounding roads are not made to cope with twice as much traffic. Of most concern is the Kuranda Range roadway which is widely known as a dangerous and over utilised stretch of road. Current users of the Kuranda Range are already often facing dangerous conditions, traffic congestion, long delays and road closures due to accidents and roadworks.


Kuranda is known and loved as a  “Town in the rainforest “ which has great historical significance. It is a place steeped in indigenous history and is a stronghold of culture for the original land holders and town folk as a whole. Kur-World presents as an unwelcome threat with no proven or even stated benefits to the local people thus far…

I ask you: what benefits  could possibly match or even exceed the irreparable damage that the Kur-World so called  “Eco Tourism “ development will no doubt inflict on the environment and quality way of life in Kuranda?

PLEASE consider these aforementioned concerns… They are shared by a growing number of very concerned people, both locally, nationally and internationally.

Resident Fairylands        23-08-16

This development is completely underthought and will destroy Kuranda Village as well as the Wet Tropics environment. Just because the land is farmland does not mean that there won’t be knock-on effects within the world heritage area. The impact that operations have already had have not been beneficial to any of the waterways surrounding the area.

As far as destroying Kuranda Village goes, the development is essentially creating another town that will place it in direct competition with Kuranda. One tourist location is enough. Kuranda does not require a  “resort “ of this scale.

There has been little consultation within the Kuranda community regarding this development (situated on private land or not). I suggest that the local government as well as state and federal governments start listening to their constituents.

Resident Barron Falls     23-08-16              

This development is a get rich quick scheme with long term consequences. From the comments I have read online from the kur world developers. They have no interest in meeting the real concerns for the locals. They appear reasonable on face value yet have already crossed the line in many ways behind the scenes with illegal and dishonourable activities. I question their future plans and development after the wrongs they have already committed. I understand development needs to happen to house and accommodate a growing population but this group of developers are solely focussed on their own gains with no actual experience of working with our environment, our people, our infrastructure and our region. Nor do they want to know or listen. I don’t trust kur world to care for our community or our environment. If they were serious about what they are doing they would implement real sustainable infrastructure that minimises tree clearing, runoff, protect endangered species in the area, give genuine employment and manage the water, electricity sustainably. Bigger is not better and developing within the means of the community’s and environment capacity is they way forward.

Resident Kuranda            23-08-16              

It will ruin Kuranda, its destroying the rainforest and our village and irs a huge non eco development. One greedy man shouldnt have more power and say about our community and the way we live than an entire community. We dont want your development Mr Lee. Shame on the local and State governments for putting money before our community and our rainforest and village!!!!!

Resident Kowrowa         23-08-16

I do not want KURWORLD in the community where I live. We have so much awesome native wildlife and rainforest in our area including endangered species. This development is already messing with local creeks.

Our roads are bad enough and need work without all the extra traffic.

Resident Kowrowa         23-08-16

As local rate payer and community member i would like to lodge my utter disappointment in never being consulted about the proposed development. I am not happy with kur-world development going ahead not one bit!

Resident Barron Falls     23-08-16

I do not believe that this proposal is in my interests or in keeping with the conservation values that I and many members of the community share. It will destroy the nature and character of this unique place so that some may selfishly make a profit.

Resident Greenforest   23-08-16

Hi everyone-who-is-everyone,

I urge you to reconsider the KUR-World proposal.

What will be left for the future generations if we push down even more vital native forests for more CONCRETE.

Seriously, this is a BIG problem for this 626ha parcel of land.  The Great Barrier Reef is already under enough stress and more dirty water coming down from UNNECESSARY development will only push that – and the World Heritage Wet Tropics ecosystem (of which the rainforest catchments are) further into CRISIS.

Please, please help us save this land.  It’s far bigger and more important than any of you sitting in your offices at your computers can understand – because it’s hard to see nature on green and blue maps.  This land is so precious – the land-water from this development is 100% catchment that reach the Barron River and onto the sea.

The press of ‘urban sprawl’ has happened to our region before – and we fought and won to remove the ‘Myola Precinct’ from our local plan.

The Kuranda Environlink and Fairyland Corridors – where we live and work – must be protected from concrete built environments and the massive human population proposed with KUR-World sardine-style urban subdivision.

To allow this proposal to go ahead will MOST CERTAINLY lay waste to the rainforest connectivity of our region (we’ve cleared over 50% of these forests already) and add more pressure to the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem via land-water on the Barnwell 626ha – 100% catchment for tributaries that flow to the Barron River, and to the sea.

Our Kuranda Region communities have both the right – and the obligation – to ‘Have our Say’ about the KUR-World proposal as it will affect life-as-we-know-it in the Kuranda Region forever.

Ken Lee purchased 626ha of historically zoned Freehold land in a private sale in 2014. Now we have a $650 million proposal – without any PUBLIC CONSULTATION FROM MAREEBA SHIRE COUNCIL – that will inject mega-tons of concrete plus 4000 additional humans.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.