Below represents the ONLY COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT mechanisms so far, for Kuranda Region residents, as performed by the KUR-World Development.

We encourage residents to write to the Coordinator-General with your concerns that the ‘EIS – Community Reference Group’ – see below –  is unrepresentative of our community and our aspirations.

30 MAY 2016
EPBC Referral of proposed action : KUR-World Integrated Eco-resort




*2.6 required a standard Public Consultation Pack that can be commissioned from numerous outfits in Cairns that undertake these consultations on behalf of project developers.  Is this section supposed to be ‘optional’ for developers?

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS): Community Reference Group


There will be 10 permanent members of the KUR-World CRG:

  • Two representatives appointed by Reever and Ocean
  • Two representatives appointed by Mareeba Shire Council
  • Six individual members to represent the following areas:
    1. Environment
    2. Indigenous
    3. Community
    4. Tourism
    5. Education
    6. Social Services

  • Members will be recruited via Expressions of Interest to be publicly advertised:
    • Public Notice in the Tablelands Advertiser and The Cairns Post *didn’t happen
    • EOI published on KUR-World website *didn’t happen
    • Email Newsletter to KUR-World database *didn’t happen
    • Invitation will be sent to selected community groups *didn’t happen
    • Media release issued *didn’t happen
    • EOI published on the KUR-World Facebook page *didn’t happen
    • *local publication Kuranda Paper not included


Michael Huelin (Kur World)
Geraldine McQuire (Kur World)
Alex Blake (Kur World)
Neil Boland (Kur World)
Harry Sou (Kur World)
Nathan Lee Long (Kur World)
Ana Palma (Kur World)
Mark Lawson (Kur World) – apologies didn’t attend

Gary Searle (Terrain)

Anita Veivers (Cairns Centacare)

Sharon Jones (Kuranda State College) – apologies didn’t attend

Joe Moro (Mareeba Chamber of Commerce) – apologies didn’t attend

Nerida Mitchell (Cairns Airport) – apologies didn’t attend

Cathy Retter (Kuranda Envirocare)

Indigenous Rep (not selected)

MEETING MINUTES – KUR-World Website | Website Extract PDF

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS): Community Reference Group

From PDF: KUR-World CRG charter v3.0


There will be 10 permanent members of KUR-World CRG who will be appointed by Reever and Ocean.

The following areas will be represented by the CRG:

  • Local Environment, Community and Planning
  • Indigenous o Regional Agriculture and Business
  • Regional Tourism o Local Education
  • Regional Social Services
  • Regional Development
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Legal Matters
  • Town Planning and Eco-certification

  • Members will be recruited via direct selection by Reever and Ocean