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the long-term resilience of saving seed

there is a concerted effort by a small number of massive multi-national corporations to genetically modify, apply synthetic biology, gene-editing, and patent and control seed.

they sell their wares and practices by promises of better yields, less chemical use, drought/heat/flood and disease resistance, eliminating pests, and that technology can be used to solve such issues as climate change, social problems and conflicts – extraordinary claims from highly paid public relations agents and lobbyists.

ten seed companies ‘own’ around 75 percent of the worlds seeds.

farmers around the world have been locked into contracts with chemical-agriculture corporations to use their patented seeds and also the chemicals that go along with them, for instance genetically modified corn/soy/canola/wheat etc and the (for example) glyphosate ’roundup’ (monsanto) or glufosinate (bayer) (and many others we haven’t heard of), that are sold as ecologically sound and harmless to soil/water/health, tho have been banned in responsible countries that demand independent scientific evidential proof of safety.

in the worst case scenario, globally there has been many hundreds of thousands of farmer suicides around the world as farmer debts to these corporations, in some countries set up to be inter-generational debts, as well as the associated deterioration of their soils, and the loss of their cultural growing practices as the mono-culture pressures scourge their lands…

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from little things, big things grow

how do we look after the little things

so that the big things can be more suited to wholistic well-being

for soil, water and health…


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