from the fnq community exchange system (fnq lets trading) report through cairns permaculture newsletter
We are still the most active Community Exchange group in Australia
Admin Report
Bel attended an inspiring Regen Ag event at Petals at Tolga recently.
She was invited to talk about the Community Exchange System for about an hour, and ran a workshop
where we demonstrated the simplicity and importance of what we do.
Before, during and after the workshop Bel was able to share a little of our history,
the unique successes of FNQ CES, the few challenges, the awesome stats,
and a few stories about realpeople and real differences LETS / CES has made in their lives.
There were a few local LETS folk present, as well as active DVNS and CENT members.
It was really helpful to have their input.
The main part of Bel’s presentation consisted of a large circle
where each person had a turn to introduce themselves,
say what their “usual” profession or income earning activity was,
share what else they can do to earn wealth (Bartles), and what they’d ideally like to spend those Bartles on.
It was evident that just within that circle there were many “matches” of Offerings and Wants.
Before the activity, no one was aware of these needs or skills/goods existing within the group.
That demonstrated how CES works. Without participation in CommunityExchange,
we don’t always know what opportunities exist within our community to give or receive energy
(help/labour/services), excess produce, unwanted items, etc.
Without the process of thinking about earning or spending Bartles (to maintain our goal zero balance),
we aren’t often aware of our own worth, our own desires, outside the “every day”.
Maria said, “It was a great presentation you gave Bel and I really enjoyed the circle sharing….
SO much potential around us!”
Thank you to those who participated. This activity can be done at any event (such as a trade day),
which we often used to do and call it Circle Time.
Of course, if you have an account, you can login to
and add/update your Offerings and Wants at any time.
Let us know if you need any help.