‘friends of the farmers’ questionnaire

All fields are optional. Thank you for your feedback.

a) Did you attend the last 'friends of the farmers' event in koah?
b) in what capacity did you attend the event?
presentermediasupportercreating-crew (helpers)attendeeother (please specify)
c) Did you Enjoy the event ?
d) What are benefits of attending and/or changes made because of what you learned?
e) What if anything do you feel did not go well?
f) What suggestions would you give to make the event better?
g) Is there any way you can contribute to that?
h) What was the best thing you experienced at the 'friends of the farmers' regenerative agriculture convergence?
i) Have you had a look on 'kuranda tv youtube' to enjoy any of the videos from the event?
j) Is there anything you would like to ask/suggest at this years 'presenters and guests talking circle?'
k) Any other questions/comments/suggestions/appreciation?